Water Changes

Water Changes

  • 1g every day

    Votes: 9 23.1%
  • 10g every 2 weeks

    Votes: 18 46.2%
  • 20g once a month

    Votes: 12 30.8%

  • Total voters
you need to post the size of the tank. if it is the 65 that u have under current tank. i would do 20% every 2wks.
It is going to depend on your bioload, how heavily you feed and if you are skimming. If you have a generally light bioload and light feeding, you can get away with 10%-20% every 2-3 weeks. If everything is on the heavy side, then I would do 25% every 2 weeks. Try a couple of different methods and see what results you get. If you try 10%-20% every 2 weeks and the tank is getting dirty fairly quickly, then switch to 25%+ every 2 weeks. I for one used to change 25%-30% every 2 weeks in a 60g. HTH
I also do 10% a week. It is easier to do more smaller amounts than fewer larger ones. Just my 2cents.
you don't want to do it too much....could put extra stress on your fish

Assuming that the temperature, PH etc of the replacement water matches that of the tank, why would frequent water changes stress the fish?

I ask cause I'm in the middle of a water changing marathon in an attempt to get rid of the hair algae that has taken over my tank in the last couple of months. I'm changing 20% per day for seven days.
I voted 1 gallon a day just because of the question posed.
I personally do a 2 week change and works fine for me.
Doing a small change everyday reduces the reduction of certain trace elements which over a period of time can be reduced quite significantly.
As stated before a change everyday could put added stress on the fish unless you take the water out of a sump and replace in a sump which would be a stress free way, when I change the water I syphon from main tank and then new water is syphoned from water butt to sump.
10 % weekly. I can't be positive it does any good, but I know that all the corals open much better following the change. That makes me think they like it. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete, so why not?
10-20% Every month or so. The water in my tank is just as clean as the water change water, and has better chemical makeup (Ca,Mg,alk)

Skim heavy guys.
I aspire to do 10% every two weeks, but sometimes only do it every month. Same as Rich -- my tank water is better than the stuff I'm replacing it with. I do water changes to replace trace elements and so I can lightly siphon my ssb.

Skim heavy, guys. Macroalgae helps a lot too. :beer: