Water Flow in a round tank, streams or closed loop


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In my club forum we are discussing water flow in my new 5' round tank.
It's only 16" tall, but 5' across (~220 gallons) ---

there is some discussion that water flow will be MUCH easier in a round tank than in a normal rectangle and that a pair of the new Tunze 6055's facing in opposite directions on a controller might be enough to get a good flow rolling one direction, then switched out after a while to reverse the flow.

I had initially thought of using a closed loop with an OM 4 Way.

Any input from you guys on the best way to get water flow in such a tank?

thanks in advance, I'm really looking all my options here and would welcome any thoughts you guys have.


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I have a half circle 144g oceanic, I have four tunzes, two at each end, and they work awsome!!!! Hope it helps!


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Here, this may help




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Thanks dots, I think it helps :)

I would be really interested in hearing from any reefers that have had a chance to mess with a round tank as to their thoughts. Maybe this tank is more unique than I thought!