Water flow rate for different jumpers


Acropora Gardener

I use several Tunze 6055 pumps in my reef tank.

I would like to know how much water flow the following jumpers provide if at all possible please. Looking at the manual, 24V must provide 5500 lph and 12V must provide 1000 lph. I do not think there is a linear relationship between voltage and water flow.

24V; 22V; 20V; 18V; 15V; 12V

Thank you



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RC Sponsor
I don't have exact figures. You are correct that the relationship is not entirely linear, but it is close. 24V is 5500 lph, 12V is about 2200lph, the 1000 lph figure is only possible with a controller, each step up adds about 850 lph.