Water for the q-tank


What do you thinkof the practice of having the quarantine tank at the same salinity as the LFS and grarually raising it over a couple of days?I can understand that it may not be so critical for fish, though perhaps still a thought. It seems like it could be a good way to acclimate and quarantine inverts.
G'day Steve,
It's not a bad idea but I'm not sure it is worth the effort of raising and lowering the salinity of the quarantine tank when fish are very tolerant of salinity changes anyway.

I frequent a 2-3 LFS and the salinity of their tanks varies greatly. The specific gravity of the tanks at my usual haunt is usually around 1.026-1.027 which is pretty good. Others run theirs as low as 1.021. You'd have to plan ahead on the source of the fish you were getting.

Now, for a invertebrate quarantine tank this would be an excellent idea.

Of course, the best idea of all would be to educate the LFS owners to run their tanks at normal seawater salinity.