Water Temp?


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Hey everyone. I keep my tank at 79.9 to 80.1F. What do you all keep your systems at. Also if someone can elaborate why a system should be kept lower or higher? What are the pro and cons?
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I keep mine at 80. I think the corals like the warmer water but bacteria is more prone to grow in it thats why fish only systems are usually a few degrees cooler


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i usualy go 82/83 in the winter (incase outage)
and 79/80 in the summer (same reason)

but I am use to this temp for my evaporation(kalk stur top off)


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It also depends on what type of inhabitants you want to keep. One time I had a Red Sea Max and I kept it cold (72-73) so I could have Catalina Gobies and Blue Spot Jawfish. The bluespots don't HAVE to have cold water but I think they prefer it. Catalinas on the other hand are something you REALLY should not keep in a warmer tank.

I know, I know...everyone says "but I've got one at 80F and it's FINE." Well, how long was it fine? Not long, I would guess. Anyway, so I kept the tank cold and had those guys and it was awesome.

I think my current tank is 77 degrees or so but I just put up the MH yesterday so we'll see what the temp gets up to. I may have to crank the heater a bit more to avoid a swing in temp.


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My main system's heater and chillers are set to 79 year round, so they stay within a degree at all times.

My nano is 80 because I have a stupid heater that runs at either 78 or 80, so I choose 80.


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I keep mine between 80 and 82 but in the summer it goes up to 84 or 85 at times. I don't run a chiller and haven't had any issues yet in the summer so I let it go, lol


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summer I go as high as 83.... No worries and tons of polyp extension

winter I run 77-80 swing.

I read that if you get your tank use to swings you wont suffer adverse affects incase of a power outage.