Thanks John.:thumbsup:
I have really been wanting to see a local area club form. Someone tried not long ago and it just didn't go anywhere. Anybody willing to offer suggestions on how we can better organize monthly meetings (that others will actually attend ;))
Thanks from me too! Yes, that was me Geo but I guess I didn't have enough pull. I'm glad it's here.
the meetings actually date back further than that by a long shot. Meetings were held at BW3's or Hooters the average attendance was 5.
Some of them are :)
The first name was actually "crabs" for Columbus Reef and Beer Society
hehe, 'twas nice to be able to actually meet in a bar and have everyone fit in 1 or 2 booths and be able to talk to everyone. :)
That was the first meeting with a substantial turn out. I believe it was largely due to a few of the people attending bringing frags. It was at that meeting that the name was changed to "cora", the reason being the news letter that is non existent could then be called "coral" (central Ohio reef aquarist letter).
This club has got to be better ran than the one I am currently in. Im moving.................................