well, now I have an empty 75G just screamin' for clams


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Well as my title says, I have an Idea, I want to turn my 75G tank into a reef setup. I have always thought of clams as one of the most eye catching of the sessile inverts so I thought why not try to keep them? From what I hear they can become a large, long-lived centerpiece to a nice setup. So I have the tank I have the DSB everyone preaches to have and I have 80lbs of LR. I also have a 20G sump with miracle mud and plenty of algae to make a nice ecosystem knock-off. I have a prizim skimmer which IME has worked wonderful for me. What else do I need for my tank? should I be looking into a calcium reactor or is supplemental calcium liquids sufficient? The biggest question I have is about lighting. I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't wan't to spend lots of money on metal haildes. Could I get away with just PC lighting if I keep the clam in the upper column of the tank? I guess I could try to save up for the halides but if I could get away with just a set of 4-48 inch PC lights?

IMO, I would not use PC as my main source of lighting. I would only use Metal Halide.

I'm not saying that it can't be done cause I know a lot of people just using pc.

Now what it comes down to is the species that you want to keep.
Maxima's and Crocea's are definitely METAL HALIDE lovers. The rest you can take your chances on VHO or PC.
Have to agree with Lukan. MH aren't going to be that much more expensive the PC and believe me if you go with PC now you will be upgrading within a year so save some money now and get the MH. :)

Take your time with setting up your tank and getting everything stable before putting in animals. :) If you are going to keep clams read Daniel Knop book, "Giant Clams" I know you will enjoy it. I have some great clam link on my web site, one is named, On The Half Shell by Daniel Knops.