What are the differences between clams?


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If I am understanding correctly there are three different types of clams. The Derasa (sp?), Squamosa and Maxima. Correct? If I am correct (or not) what are the differences in these guys? Lighting requirements? Food? Etc.

I'm beginning to research getting a clam and this will be helpful. Thanks.:)
Don't forget the crocea! :p

Generally speaking, the derasa and squamosa clams are not as demanding and require less light than the maxima and crocea. I'm sure other people here on RC are far more qualified to elaborate...
With that, I'm sure there is a trade off of some kind. Which type is more colorful? I've seen bownish ones at the LFS and I've seen neon blues (beautiful). Which is what?
Maximas and croceas are usually more colorful (blue, purple, green, black) than squamosas or derasas(yellow, brown, gray, pink)also the hippopus and gigas (not to much experence with these).
The patern on every clam is going to be a little diffrent.

Remember clams are shallow water animals.

Maximas and croceas (mh) need more light than squamosas or derasas (pc or stronger).

Some are rock boaring (Maximas) and some preferr sand (never can remember which is which).

Feeding is about the same for all clams (phytoplankton).

All clams place a large calcium demand on your system (380-400 ppm).