What are you bringing to the swap


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What's everyone bringing to the swap?

Here is what I am bringing. I'll apologize now for the small frags but they will grow into them selves.

2 hyndophora
2 purple death zoa
2 Christmas favia
2 orange with green eyes war coral
1 frag of what I got as pearl berry but looks like lime in the sky

I probably have more I'll throw in too. I want my space back. :)


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Anyone want a piece of Xenia. I got one awhile ago from a member. It won't grow in my sump do it's got to go. Up fir grabs.


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I am bringing
2 sour apple bird nest frags
1 raptors rainbow
1 vivid rainbow
1 green darth maul
And I will be fragging my pink hallucinations at the demo if any one want a frag. Not sure how many I will have.


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Wish I was bringing something but still growing lol. lokii I might be interested in the Xenia how big is it?


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I'll be bringing a led fuge light, some decent sized zoa frags of varying types and maybe a piece of a monti.


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I have some frags I can donate to the raffle. Some ZOA frags. I suck at ZOA names. A frag of tried color acro. A purple with neon green tip birdsnest frag.


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I can't make the meetup but club bought corals for the meetup. Any chance someone want to swing through Berkeley tomorrow morning to pick up?

PM me.


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I can't make it either I have work @ 1 for like an hour so I'm screwed.
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