what are your favorites?


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I'm bored, so I thought this might be fun.

List your favorite (keep it limited to things that are at least somewhat readily available in the trade)...

Fish you have
Fish you want

Invert you have
Invert you want

Coral you have
Coral you want

Here are mine...

Maroon Clown (it's my only fish at the moment)
Triggers, especially nigers - I've always liked them

Serpent Star
Harlequin Shrimp - I think they are beautiful animals

Orange Monti Cap
There are so many... branching hammer, pearl bubble, Green Stylopora Pistillata


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Fish you have: Tang/clown
Fish you want: Maybe a mandarin

Invert you have: Fire shrimp
Invert you want: Clam

Coral you have: Hammers
Coral you want: Dendrophyllia/Torch


Yup That Stuff
Have: True Percula, Green banded gobie pair, Lawnmower blenny
Want: Fridmani Pseudochromis and a Black and white clown pair

Have: Scarlet Cleaner, Tuxedo Urchin, multi crabs and snails
Want: Either a brittle or serpint star, peppermint shrimp.

Have: TOO many...lol...best so far would be the Cali tort and Blue Stags Blueberry Tip Plana.
Want: WAY TOO MANY....Top on the list a superman montipora, and a tyree green polyped sarchophyton leather toadstool


Got gorgs?
Have: Halichoeres melanurus
Want: Foxface lo

Have: Blue linkia starfish
Want: Teardrop maxima clam

Have: Pink Stylophora (Cat's Paw)
Want: Purple Acropora loripes