What can I feed my Mantis Shrimp


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A few days ago, I pulled a relatively small (2-3") mantis out of my live rock. He's been living in a jar that has a piece of LR and some water that I change daily. I've tried putting in a dead turbo snail and a piece of frozen fish, but it wsn't interested in either of these things. Any suggestions?
Until the animal settles into a cavity or becomes used to living in a jar, it probably won't eat. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks.

Sometimes I have success with animals in small container giving them a couple dozen live adult brine shrimp. The brineshrimp wont die right away and foul the water and catching them gives the stomatopod something to do. In fact, many of my smaller stomatopod only receive live brine shrimp. If you are worried about nutrition, treat the brineshrimp with an additive such as Selco.