what causes the click the mantis shrimp makes?


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im sure its been asked before but i did a search and couldnt find the answer.. i posted in the reef discussion forum today cuz i saw my mantis today :D so i went to do more research on him on the web and i wondered what was the click caused by, i couldnt find the answer.. but i found that they can break glass and crush crabs, so i was starting to think everytime i hear a click its him banging the glass or something terrible.. what is it?
Well the only time I hear mine cracking is when he is pounding the shrimp pellets I feed him. So I'm assuming that's what it is part of the time.
If they are small enough that would be a good assumption.:eek:
i guess i will look into feeding mantis food. but its a large tank with many creatures. i doubt hed get whatever i put in for him