what clams will i be able to keep?


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i have a 29 gallon with an amiracle sl-5 hang on wet dry... and plenty of live rock.. once the tank gets fully established with 150hqi and 15w atinic what kind of clams can i keep?
If this is your fist reef tank you should wait around a year before you add a clam if not 6 months should be enough. Then you should be able to keep any of them, but be aware that tha a deresa or squamosa will outgrow the tank quickly.
Any species will be fine. It would be best if you put any maximas or croceas on the rockwork though. And of course the derasas and squamosas can outgrow a tank like this pretty quick. I got the smallest deresa I could find and it took him about a year and a half (in my 29) for him to get to a size that he required a larger tank. Don't rush the clams either. If you're starting with new live rock (even if it's cured) I'd wait at least six months.