What did I get? (ID)


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Hey all, I just had this guy ordered in from my LFS.

Anybody now what it is? Are there enough pics for an ID?

Of course he was ordered in only as "Peacock Mantis"

He should have a good home he has a 55g all to himself.

My Bimac just passed last week and decided not to go that route again itââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢s too hard when you get attached and they don't live that long :(



Yep, I'd say you have it right, sure looks like a Peacock Mantis. I think that would be interesting to have in a species tank. Let us know how it does?
Hi, I'm not sure of what kind it is but it sure is beautiful!:D . I've never had a mantis but I'm looking to buy one. How much did it cost?
hey Mustang,

Jeeze, it seems like just yesterday, I was oogling your tank with fellow MASM members and hobbyists. I think almost everyone made it downstairs to check out the bimac., and many noted that is looked "kinda like a blue ring" octopus...

Anyways, I have seen your mantis shrimp imported as a "clown mantis". I think peacock mantis shrimp is a title reserved for more green colored specimens with oceli located the tail...but i'm no mantis expert...

Reef Central member Alex has had this type of mantis I believe (I'll email him this post).

Reef Central member Gonodactylus could probably identify this mantis from your pictures...

Watch those fingers and check out


for more info about mantis shrimp!
Yep the ones he usually get in are much more green.
This one looked quite a bit dif than them.

I was bummed when the bimac died.

I needed something in that tank so he ordered this guy in for me but I was surprize when I went to pick it up on the color

I figured Gonodactylus would know. Thats why the tail pic
Hi Mustang

Thats a nice Odontodactylus scyllarus you have there.
It is a female. She has very nice colors.

I have 4 mantis right now my big one is a clown mantis or peacock which ever name you like.

If you have any questions let me know.

Or ask in the mantis board.

Thanks Alex and Pet
Thats what I thought. I did not think it was the Gonodactylidae from what I have read but

I didn't want to venture a guess

I figured I would let you experts tell me that

Whats the giveaway that it is a female?
The colors are the way to tell in this species.

Males are bright green through the whole body. Females are more olive drab.

What store did you get it from because I am looking for a male. They must have a good supplier because we can't get them often
:( :( .