What else will dwarfs eat?? !! ??


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Will dwarfs eat anything else that might be at my LFS other than baby brine? The brine didn't get here yet and I've already acclimated the dwarfs.



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Until you can get live brine hatching you can try frozen baby brine or cyclopeeze. If your LFS sells live copepod products like tigger pods those would be ideal. You may also want to post in a local forum and see if anyone near you has some live bbs that you could get ahold of. Best of luck.


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Thanks for the reply. I have all of that on order and it should have been here today! I was hoping I timed it right. I highly doubt any of the LFS have frozen baby brine or copepods. I always have to order this stuff!!


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Call all your LFS se if they have Brine eggs. That will still be 24 hours before they hatch. You need somethin. And It wont hurt to call and see if the LFS has the live copepods. if you do get your brine today you still wont be able to feed them till tomorrow given that the eggs are hatched in the right condition. Hope all goes well, And good luck with your dwarfs they are great to have.



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Thanks for the help. I actually did all that! Found frozen baby brine at PetSmart of all places! That will hold me over until all my stuff arrives tomorrow.

I have 6 more dwarfs coming tomorrow for a total of 9. Can I pour in all 1000 copepods?



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Dwarfs will eat baby brine and copepods... some will even take cyclopeeze but don't put too much in or you will polute your tank. As far as the copepods, you could add them all but I would suggest you put some of them in a 5 gallon bucket with an airline and feed them either live algae or algae paste and they will reproduce. This way, you will have more copepods and a backup supply. Copepods are good to have in any tank....

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yeah the copepods are great, and so are the brine shrimp, i dont know if it is just me, but i like to enrich me brineshrimo with baby brineshrimp, and some phyto.

that gives them more protien,right?

want to switch to rotifers, but........a bit nervous