What is a good R/O filter?


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I am looking for an R/O filter. Does anyone know where I can get one at a descent price? Also do they all work the same and do all replacement filter fit any R/O filter? Thanks

Check out http://www.airwaterice.com/

They have good systems that use standard sizes for the replacement parts. They also use refillable DI cartridges. Other companies do this as well. I have a Typhoon I unit from them and am very pleased with it. There are many threads on reef central that discuss RO/DI units so you can search for more opinions/options. In answer to your question about them all working the same, the function of all is the same, but not all RO membranes are the same. The ones from airwaterice function well at typical home water pressure, and the 75 gpd membrane has excellent rejection characteristics (filters out a high percentage of gunk). The better the filtration by the RO, the longer the DI resin will last (won't be used up as fast because fewer contaminants are getting through the membrane to the DI).

Hope that helps.