What is the best way to prevent fish from jumping out?


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Last night I had my first real fish scare. I walked into the fish tank room and saw one of my blue green reef chromis on the wood floor. I quickly netted him and threw him back in and he immediately got sucked into the powerhead. So I turned the powerhead off and he swam away. I turned off all of the filtration and other powerheads as well just to be on the safe side. The fish has been swimming around since and has been eating so I think he is going to be fine. Is there anything else I should do for him?

Which leads me to my big question, how can I prevent this in the future? I didn't think I needed netting or anything since I never read any posts about chromis jumping. I knew eventually I would have to after I added more fish but now I want to do it asap. I was thinking of custom making a screen out of window screen. Or is there something else out there that anyone can recommend? I don't want to spend much money either as I am in the process of setting up my sump and it's been a hefty investment. Thanks in advance for the help!


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Definitely cover your top. A few years ago I lost a clown which I didn't even know was possible. I saw a video on BRS which showed how to make a simple screen. The parts cost between $10 and$20 and look pretty good. It's a small price to pay to keep your fish from killing themselves.


I agree with the above, get a cover from BRS. All fish can jump out of tanks. In the beginning I also lost a clownfish from jumping.


I had a screen that I built from BRS. If you have MH It will only last a year or two before you have to replace it due to the heat. Eventually it just crumbles.


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Yea I'd defiantly get the framing from the hardware store but the still get the clear screening from brs. Also when you cut the frame, cut it so it sits on the inside lip of the tank assuming you don't have a rimless tank.


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How about keeping a dim light on at night so the fish can se were the surface is ?
Doing that no jumpers here so far(1year)


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I have acrylic on my tank and it warps maybe I should drill some holes in it.but in the meantime I've been flipping it over.