What is this!?


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What are the little round things I have circled in red?
They show up all over the rocks, glass, snails, etc. It pretty much seems to grow every where.


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your pic is too far away, but it could be a scypha (aka: pineapple) sponge....harmless filter feeder that usually goes through a phase in my tanks. They always multiply rapidly in the beginning (first year maybe) and after a while once the tank starts to stabilize a bit they die off. Here's some pics that you can compare to yours.

and another...


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possibly the "5526-1 Tugali oblonga
California, USA"
most of those in the pics seem to have an opening and i am sure that the ones in my tank do not.

Are they harmful in any way?

They dont seem to be shiny, and they do not seem to be fuzzy at all(like the sponge). Sorry for the bad pics, but thats the best I could get.


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Looks like the limpets I have. Mine seem to burrow into rock and are pretty abundant....

THey are cool :)