what kind of dry food


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i was setting up a automatic feeder and want to feed some dry food in the day and frozen at night, but need some input on what kind of food to feed. i have high recommendation on spectrum new life, but dont know which one to get.


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I mix New Life Spectrum pellets with freeze dried Mysis and Ocean Nutrition flake in my automatic feeder when I go away.


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New Life Spectrum all the way! As far as size of pellets it depends on how big your fish are. For my Coral Beauty Angel and Maroon Clown 1mm pellets are perfect.

So for 1mm pellets go with either "Marine" or "Thera Regular."

For 2mm pellets go with either "Medium Fish" or "Thera Medium"

For 3mm pellets go with either "Lg. Fish" or "Thera Lg." and so on.

Heres a link to NLS's website so you can see all different types of pellets they make. NLS