What would you recommend for a 90?


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I'm considering all of the in-tank flow options for my new 90 and was wondering what setup of Tunze equipment you would recommend for me? It will be a mixed reef and it is a standard 4' long 90 gallon tank.

A pair of 7310/2 pumps would probably be perfect. They each produce a maximum of 800gph and can be pulsed and the flow electronically turned down if necessary. You may need additional mounting hardware. For All Glass or Oceanic you need a set of long screws and a spacer to acomodate the plastic trim. For acrylic you need kit 3000.26 to accomodate perimeter bracing.
Thanks Roger. Could you explain what the difference is between these and any run-of-the-mill powerhead? Also, are the outlets adjustable or in a fixed position?
The outlets are adjustable and they include a flow deflector. The pumps are designed with outlets of 1" diameter to minimize the shearing force that kills plankton. They are fully computerized and the delivery includes a pump, computer, transformer. They run on low voltage AC- the 7310 uses 17V. The pump uses only 22w. Because of the computers and unique pump design the flow can be varied between 180gph and 792gph. This pump can also pulse so that every few seconds it speeds up and slows down to simulate waves.