Whats a slip bushing?


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Whats a slip bushing?


I need to attach a 1" pvc tube to a 1.25" pvc tube. Do I need an adapter? Or do I need a slip bushing? I dont see any adaptors that connect to different diameter slip fitting tubes.

Basically I have a bulkhead that accepts a 1" slip fitting. And I have a drain hose that accepts a 1.25" slip fitting. So I got a 4" long 1" diameter pvc tube, cemented it to the bulkhead. Now I need to cement an adapter to connect to this 1.25" drain. What is the part that I need to do this called?


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Looks like Savko calls them "slip bushings", with the two numbers given being the two different sizes that it "joins" together. If I were you, I'd take the two sizes of pipe that I was working with down to Lowes/Home Depot/Ace and find the piece that works. I do that alot to make sure I have what I know works. FWIW, I've heard them called reducing bushings as well, among other things.


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Slip means it's not threaded. The pipe "slips" inside the fitting.
So you you want something that is called a 1 1/4"-1" slip-slip reducing fitting.
Threaded fittings are designated MPT - male pipe thread and FPT - female pipe thread