Where could I get a diamond cutting wheel?

Reef Ruler

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Just ordered a dremel online because I couldnt find it locally anywhere!


Thats what I got, and I wasnt sure if any of those wheels included were diamond wheels or if they were any good. I ran a search on that website and the closest thing I could find was shaped like a pencil :confused: So im sure I can find a diamond cutting wheel SOMEWHERE locally...the only question is where. Any ideas? I looked around home depot, but I was in a rush so I didnt look that hard or ask anybody. Where did you guys get yours?



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i think i went to coastal in west hartford across from home depot but home depot or lowes will probably have one.


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I just got home from Harbor Freight tools where I bought a kit that had 5 diamond cutting wheels with a mandrel for only 6 bucks. I just tried it to cut some coral and a cement frag plug, and it worked perfectly. The only downside it it's a bit small, but the dremel one for $16 really isn't any bigger.