where is the mouth?


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I have the cover on my brain since yesterday he did expand so I assume he was being pecked on my quesyion is My lfs showed me how to feed them target feed But not this type where is the mouth?

I put a piece of crill on it right on top and covered it after sprinkling some food to entice it but after 1 hour it is still sitting there.
he opened so much he is touching the sides if that ok


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you wont see the mouth until dusk and then you will be able to locate it by a ring of small polyps you see extended--but it is in the centre of the coral

IMO this coral doesn't need to be spot feed so don't "kill it with kindness" aka the human touch--it does quite fine in the wild with no human kindness
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how long can I keep it covered? The dam Angel keeps pecking

That is never gunna stop, do you have any other corals? It looks like it is nipping the torch as well, it is pulled in.

Unfortunately centropyge love to nip at corals, you just got a bad half of the mix :)