Where to buy rimless tank


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I've hit every LFS in a my area, tried a few of the online places but the 3 I have tried to contacted won't respond.

Mostly looking for a glass 90 rimless. Might go a bit smaller of bigger, but the profile is has to be 48" wide (as that's my space). Also need a high quality furniture stand. In fact the stand is what's more important to my wife.

I live in NE Ohio. Happy to drive two hours but also more than happy to have something shipped.

Any suggestions?


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Deep blue and Glass Cages make a budget friendly rimless. Cadlights and SCA make mid level tanks and Reef Savvy and Elos make a higher end rimless product. Those are just a few off the top of my head. I know Salty Critter and Aquatic Technology both carry Deep Blue. I'm sure they could order any of the above and have shipped to their shops as well. Find something you like and ask them for an estimate.. Thats what I have done in the past.


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Planet Aquarium is building a 4' one for me. Shipped to LFS for a very decent price. I'm dead headed stubborn about trying a rimless even though experienced, respected people I know that have said they'd never own another one :)

brad ellington

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have you looked in to AquartAquariums.com 800 229 8265
they are out of plain city ohio

I am thinking of using them for my 300g tank


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My coast to coast 48x24x27 rimless (3/4" glass) with custom stand arrived last week. VERY VERY nice. Not cheap.


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Second Planet Aquariums out of Dallas Tx. I've seen many tanks built by them and I've got a PVC bottom hybrid 211g built by them.