WHITE coralline algae? PHOTOS

4 of 4 ... this one is zoomed so you can get an idea of the thickness. this rock is about 7 or 8 inches from left to right.
can't be... it's growing where there currently is no coralline of any kind. And my purple coralline is growing just fine so I know the tank's ok... some advise plz?

is there such a thing as LIVING white coralline algae?
I have something similar growing; I was just assuming it was an encrusting white coral of some kind.
In my experience there is no such thing as white coraline. I have heard of various shades ot purple and green but not white. IMO its dead algea no big deal check your params calcium and such and make sure they are stable


- g

I would have to agree with Gerard, Try to keep an eye on a lilttle patch of purple coraline alge. watch it for a couble of days. see if the edges are turning white or if there is white cracks in the middle of the alge. I myself had alot of that white thing when i down sized my tank. Alot of my coraline died.