Who got you started in this hobby?


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Well seven years ago my bro showed me a new world of marine reef life. When I compared this to the plan and simple fresh water stuff, this made me want to move into something with more color and excitement. So how about you?
I guess I'd have to say my mom. She raised fresh water fish for extra cash when I was a kid. I kind of dicovered the marine world on my own though. ;)
my son

my son

saw the movie nemo, so of i go to the pet store thinking i will spend 50 bucks on a clown,

to date and 15.000 latter and climbing since i am in the procces of of doing a complete remodel of my house

of couse so i could set up a 10ft. reef tank

I got myself into this hobby. After 8 years of keeping freshwater and doing everything but discus, I decided it was time to try salt. After many growing pains, the tank isn't too bad. Now if I could just get rid of the cyano on the sand...
I originally started in african cichlids, finally went to a local fish store and looked at the salt water section and was hooked. 2 weeks latter after finding www.melevsreef.com I sold my cichlids and started my first SW tank. Melevs 29G is what really inspired me to get into this hobby.
My mother-in-law.

While we were on vacation she killed my African ciclid tank via copious over-feeding.
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it was cheaper than crack

i'm pretty sure this is questionable. lol.

my girlfriend actually got me into SW. i was going to setup FW but she insisted and i said why not. now she has no reason for me spending time on the tank than her....
Well my dad did when i was young, then he passed away when i was 9 and my mom didn't think i was responsible enough to keep the tank going so she sold it, and now my friend started one up and got me back into it, Thanks a ton InvaderJim.
A buddy of mine who has been in and out over 10 years, thanks John, I could be retired by now if I did not!!!!!!!!!
I started working at the local pet store, and my boss told me to set up a tank..... now here I am.
One word......NEMO........

I watched that blasted movie that made it look so easy, and now I'm broke. I've also always been a bit obsessed with the ocean, and since there's no oceans near illinois, it was my only shot.
My Dad , when I was 6 years old. I pretty much have always had a tank or two set up even up to 58 at one time (That's some work). My Dad not around anymore but I'm sure he would be proud of my tank now.