will strong magnets after water


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as stated on another thread to glue corals on magfloats oppose to glueing on the actuall glass,

i wanted to ask if i glue my corals on magnets pieces
then have it in the water will it cause any harm at all to water parras etc
its a good idead since i can move most corals to another position

my intention is to have o/f corner and back glass covered in fluffys, morphs
and a few other variations


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I have had my mag float in for years (covered in coraline) with no problem, they are designed to stay in the tank, just make sure you use mags designed for the aquarium


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epoxy covered ???????
now didnt think of that (what i might do is fill a jug of sw and leave a piece see what happens after a week or so)

i wont be using magfolats
ill b using the magnets that comes from
fisher paykel direct drive washing machine lol quite strong ones i might say


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Despite what you see on some TV ads, a magnet will not affect any water paremeters. It won't reduce water hardness, it won't make your hair grow back, it won't give your car better mileage. I wish it were true, but it's not.


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I thought this was being asked in the sense of keeping the metal in the water, which would surely alter params. As pointed out by matt, use epoxy covered magnets to shield the metal and then you should be okay.


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Check out K&J Magnetics online. They sell rubber and epoxy covered Neodymium magnets in various shapes and sizes. I'd imagine they'll fit your needs. I'd also be worried about putting an uncovered metal magnet in my tank. I'm not sure if it's harmful or not, but if nothing else, the salt water very well may corrode it. Magfloats really aren't a comparison, as they're completely coated in plastic in order to keep the magnet from contacting the water.