Worms that look like sweeper tentacles?


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Obtained some new frags and noticed some "sweeper tentacles" coming from the rock work. Was told they're probably tube worms or something of that nature. Has anyone else experienced these? Doesn't seem to mess with corals too much. One grabbed a hermit and he freaked out. Any idea what they are?



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yeah I've got one of these on my zoa frag as well

I tired posting pictures here for ID, but mine only come out at night and could never get a good shot.. your's is extended like that when the lights are on?


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Got a big one on my tank. little "arms" come out like 3-4 inches from under the rock.
Never causes any problems for fish or corals tho.


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I get brittle stars that will do what you describe, but in your photos, the "arms" look thinner and more translucent than I would expect from a brittle ... dunno. I love the stuff that crawls out of new rocks! Sometimes ... :)

Ron Reefman

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Spaghetti worms tend to have a lot of sweepers and they tend to lay them down on the surface of the sand or rock rather than wave them around in the water. At least that's been my experience with them. So I have some doubt about the possibility of that being a spaghetti worm... but it's possible. And they don't tend to move much if they find a 'happy place'.


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With the help of people here on RC I identified that the tentacled creature in my tank was a spoinid worm. It looks likes yours and never left its rock, although later another one appeared on the tank wall and another rock so presumably it reproduced somehow.

Harmless worm

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