worst day of my whole life


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well guess what... you know the cold and rain we had... well evidently the electric outside went off on my caiman enclosure... I went out there to find ramone limp.... scared me to death...he barely opened his eyes.. this camain was REAL special to me... not a lot of people realize that... but I really love animals and have all my life... so I get more attached to say a dog to a alligator then most people do... I have lost one caiman to one of my brothers friends... and this made my heart sink... well I rushed him to a vet... evidently he somehow broke his back right leg... and was real cold... since these guys are from south america they can't be below 70degrees.. he was like 50-60... now he is in a small rubbermaid tub in my room with a heat blanket under it... he is showing progress and I hope he feels better... but this sure kicked of my spring break well.................

(that was earlier this morning:( )

I went in there to check on ramone and found him basically limp.... I held him and he started to twitch a little... but he died in my hands... I am so freaking sad... this is the saddest day of my life.... to me he was like a puppy... and I feel like I failed him... this is the hardest I have cried in a long time and the first time I have cried in about a year honestly... I can't believe this happened.... I just want to die right now.... I can't believe it.......

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I'm sorry for your loss. I know this won't make you feel much better, but it sounds as if you did everything you could for your friend. Sometimes bad things happen that are outside of our control. Time helps and the memories will always be there. Hope your feeling better soon.


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Commiserations. You can't take fault for not being clairvoyant: you got there, you did everything you could, and you did all the right things. Remember the good days of having him.


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thanks all, your right....that was what my dad was saying... I tried doing my best but can't help but think that I could have done better....

thanks for the support........

shane... :sad1:


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sorry about this..we all what it is like to lose a friend....i lost one of my dogs recently to illness...she was old but we are still sad..