Would like to get a clam someday


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I am setting up a reef tank (my first). I like the looks of clams and would like to have one or two. The light that I have for my 55 gal will be enough for them, not sure what kind I would get. The light I have are 2 150hqi's with 2 55 watt pc antics. Curently I don't have any water in the tank just getting info for the future. Thanks for any insite that you could give.
just remember that clams need to be in a well established tank so i would wait awhile before putting one in. clams are the best and i wish i could buy every clam i see! (especially lebowski's teardrop!!!!)
also if you think you want clams, get daniel knopps book on clams and read it about ten times. it is a great source of info for clam keepers. good luck!
The tank is a sea clear. The rest of the things I made my self. Saved some money because I already had the wood. Hade to buy a tool that I always wanted through. So I didn't really save any money on the stand.