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i have a question about a previous thred
ummm, i've thought that my mantis is a wennerae because hes from florida LR, has a white meral spot (dark outline) and is a pretty color... but according to this thread
"The red/orange color between the eyes suggests that you have N. curacaoensis or N. wennerae. N. wennerae is by far the most common species showing up in live rock. N. curacaoensis is easy to identify because its dactly heels (the part of the appendage that it smashes with) are bright blue)"

ok, now... my lil guy has bright blue dactyl heels, are there other ways to tell the two apart?
or is thread so old that they are now considered the same...
i've always wondered why my mans dactyls were blue, and noone elses were...
N. curacaoensis are different species. Ecologcially, while they come from the same areas and depths, N.c. prefers bench and live coral. N. w. shows up more in rubble - hence the reason it is so common live rock.
the guy i have was caught in an aquarium that had Florida live rock, with corals and stuff on it that lived, and a whole bunch of crabs and stuff that lived too....

but, what are the main differences between the two species then?... or is it mainly just the blue dactyl heels?
do N. wrennerae get the color of blue on them?

oh, btw... the pic in the thread link i put up, it looks JUST like my guy, except mine was greener... but is now really dark brownish/red... with motley spots on him... like a camoflauge...
i need a camera, tried to borrow my moms good one, she said "NO!!!"