Wrasse / Hogfish Behavior


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Here's what's in my tank (size in sig below) regarding wrasses / hogfish:

P. mccoskeri (3" super male)
C. isosceles (3.5" super male)
H. melanurus (4" super male)
B. bimaculatus (3" male)

I also have two PJ Cardinals, and a rabbitfish.

Recently, I've seen some increase in harassment / chasing of pin tail wrasse by the McCoskers and the Hogfish. The Melanurus doesn't acknowledge the existence of the other wrasses or hogfish...he spends his time patrolling the corals. Likewise, the rabbitfish and PJs pay the "speedsters" no attention.

All of these fish have been in the tank together for at least a year, most close to two years now. This summer while on vacation I lost 9 fish (but no wrasses), so I've had just these 7 together for 3+ months.

The McCoskers has always chased the pin tail; not constantly but enough that it's noticeable. Some time this year the hogfish has started as well, but he will also chase the McCoskers. I thought it was maybe the flasher just being a flasher, and the hogfish really only started as he's matured and gained more of his red/orange coloration, instead of being all yellow.

The pintail still eats just fine and is healthy and has been growing like all of them; he's bigger than the other two that chase him.

I have a 1/4" acrylic mesh over the top of the tank and will hear splashes from time to time. There was one time that I was cleaning the tank with it off, that the pin tail went surfing, but I got him back in and he was no worse for wear.

I had the mesh off yesterday to mess with some corals; I wasn't even in the area when it happened, but when I came back, the pin tail was in the overflow. I put a net into the overflow and that was enough to scare him to jump back into the DT. Today, the mesh was still on and he got chased/scared into the overflow again. I spent a few minutes trying to get him, but I couldn't get him to jump back. I'll spend more time tomorrow and get him back over.

Is there something that I'm missing that might be causing this increased aggression/behavior? What would be possible remedies? (Maybe add a few females to distract the dudes?)

Also, I'm inheriting a beautiful 5" super male C. lineatus that I want to add, but I don't want to make the situation worse.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/comments/suggestions.


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In general, Bodianus = jerk
As they mature, their aggression often increases.

Unfortunately, it's likely to get worse. I would remove that fish.