WTB: colorful softies


looking for colorful sofites (anything but brown, tan, white), leathers, colts, kenyas, etc etc....can be frags or larger colonies.

hopefully you'll take good ol' fashioned hard earned cash cuz i don't have much in the way of trades ;)


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I have around a 15 head neon green candy cane if you're interested. Or I can frag it for $3/head if you want. I also have zoas/palys available.


thanks for all the responses! i am looking more for branching soft corals like colts, kenyas, finger etc...

Xenias doing great! just need to keep it check so it doesn't go crazy :) 20gal is gone sorry...have you started the new build yet?


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i have kenya trees that you can have for free. they just the normal looking ones. pm me if you want to come pick it up, its about 3-4 ~4" branches


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Have frags of the following ($5):
Pink Toadstool
Green Star Polyps
Orange Zoas
Burgundy with Green center Zoas

Other corals ($15):
3-4 head Torch
4 heads of well-growing Candycane
Softball-sized rock of Neon GSP ($30)
Flat rock of 10+ Deep Water Tonga Mushrooms
Metallic Mushrooms
Softball-sized rock of Green Button Polyps + green-centered Zoas ($20)

Will give deals on multiple corals. Thanks, Kyle


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Have neon toadstool frags available if you're interested, $30.

Grown from Aero79 frag about a year ago. I've yet to find another neon toad with greener polyps in any store. Great color.


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I have a green sinularia ( I think thats what its called) I could get a frag off of it for you or if you wanted the whole thing i would take a small frag off of it for me. Fully expanded its about a foot tall and wide. It's not a real bright green unless its closed, otherwise its a white, tan and green mix when fully expanded.
Here's a picture with flash

without flash