Xenia and Maroon Clownfish


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my clownfish has been biting off the tips of the elongated xenia. Ive never seen or heard of this before but is it normal? because one of two things may happen:

-either my xenia are going to propagate all over the tank since the heads are floating around or

-the xenia may eventually die

any suggestions on what to do?


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This type activity has been occuring for a while with my gold stripe maroon clown also. It has managed to kill a huge colt coral, a goniapora, and it is now working on a pair of torch corals that it is going back and forth to... and yeah, he bites the tips off the torches just like yours is doing to your xenia...
You could attempt to give your clown a better spot to host such as an anemone, or you will need to decide which is more important to you and either give the clown away or let it do its thing on your corals.