You gave me the bug thanks!


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After last months PARC meeting, You got me started thinking about a clam. It motivated me to finish the 250 watt MH Iwasaki upgrade. Yesterday my LFS had a 3 inch Max and it was the same as the credit I had for some props that I had traded.
He is sitting on the bottom (and looking good). The MH are on for only about 3 hours a day (getting the rest of the tank accustomed to the 940 watts)the 2 VHO Actinics and 2 VHO 50/50s are on for 12 hours.
What steps do I follow to: move him up the reef, increase light intensity over the tank, and how long should I leave the MH on for?
Are you interested in a Strawberry coral(Dendronephthya sp.) I don't feed DTs and its not doing so well.
I would let the clam attach to a small rock or a shell and move the clam (on that rock) a few inches up the rockface every day until you have it where you want it. I would increase the MH photoperiod by about a half-hour to an hour every day until you have your desired light period.

Congrats on the clam.