yummie,meeting's cuban dish.

lazaro torres

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Empanada's (4 hours to make) for the meeting, made from scratch, pics and recipies comming soon, (everbody always wants to know how to make this stuff),so I'm getting prepared. See you later gaiter.


Bustelo is too strong, the maxwell house of spanish coffee imho. Pilon has a better aroma. Ven para mi casa y cambia de opinion. :D


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Yes Laz they were great. Thanks for taking so much time out to do that. Eveybody that came was very gracious and it was a wonderful meeting. Thank you all again for your generous additions to our menu today and for wonderful remarks on my tanks.
Mike it was a GREAT Presentation as always.


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I dated a guy for 2 years - his mom was Ecuadorian and his dad Cuban. I only dated him the last year (ok ok I know...shame on me!) because his parents were so FUN and mom made the BEST food EVER!!!!!!!

Sounds like a great time!!!!!