Zoa colonies getting big


I killed ALL that Coral!
I used to use LEDs, the Z&P looked good and would grow. After switching to MH I figured out they LOVE MH.

The Rastas and Utter Chaos get close to 1/2" diameter and the Sundials are probably sneaking up on 1". I'll try to remember to take a pic with a ruler in there.

There are some grandis palys in there too that get really big, now I'm curious to measure those


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Very nice Jeff. A nice colony of zoas is always nice to see in your tank. Any issues with angels?


I killed ALL that Coral!
IME dwarfs are likely to nip at fleshy stuff. I don't keep LPS like brains, favias or Acans. None of my angels have ever touched frogspawn, hammers, torches or Duncans. Certain species are more of a dice roll. Next months speaker can speak to the order of least likely to most likely. Current dwarfs are a potters and a flame. They have nipped Jedi Mind trick, no other monti's????

Large angels are known to be the ones that can devolop a taste for softies and LPS. The only ones I have tried are the majestic and haven't had that issue yet. Currently have one majestic.

I also have genicanthus and those are widely considered reef safe. My genicanthus angels have always been "angels" :lolspin: currently have three wantanabei.

All fish added to my system go in the frag tank before the DT. They are easier to remove/ isolate if they have an obvious taste for coral.

The nipping I have experienced is that the coral stays retracted and slowly declines (to malnutrition I assume). Never had a angel damage the flesh of the coral. I understand the fish is interested more in the defensive slime than the flesh of the coral.

Hope this helps!
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