ZooPox Zoapox


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So it looks like I have the pox. Don't know much about it and I have some specific questions in regards to it.

I have read about some treatments of dipping the coral, but mine are not easily accessible. Is there a safe way to treat the whole tank without affecting my other corals or fish?

Thanks for the help!


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None as far as I know. Extra flow might be helpful.Sihphonig out dteritus nearthem could help too.


code monkey
If they're in your tank you'll probably end up losing them, when I had zoa pox any colonies that I couldn't remove and dip melted aside from a few polyps here and there... Furan 2 was the only thing that worked.


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Luckily the majority of my zoas were not too expensive but I would rather save them. I guess I should dip all of them if possible? I heard that the pox spreads.