1 free (?) used protein skimmer to a NORA/TRAC member


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Is there anyone in NORA or TRAC who doesn't have a skimmer, but desperately wants one? Now that I've upgraded I've got an extra skimmer taking up space. Who wants it? I only paid $35 for it used so you can have it for a frag, or the promise of a frag later, or just come get it, or I'll drop it off, you get the idea. I'd prefer that this go to someone who is either new or doesn't already have a skimmer.
I've got my Berlin, just a matter of figuring out how to install it and dial it in....
I am in need of a skimmer for my 26g, what kind of frag a you talking. By the way(while were giving things away) would anyone be willing to adopt a peppermint shrimp?I bought him about 2 weeks ago and my my coral banded shrimp did not take a liking to him, he's been living in between my powerhead and the glass.he never comes down and i have to hand feed him.Just let me know if your interested.
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well if its not gone put me on the list... Im skimmerless on my 30 gal

Mike I can have you covered when I get the sump and new skimmer for the cube ;)
That's right!! You got a new skimmer too!! I don't feel sorry for you anymore. Go grow me some frags.
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That's right!! You got a new skimmer too!! I don't feel sorry for you anymore.

No, I am getting an AMS Mini G for the cube so the one that is on there now can go to someone. It will work great on a 30g.
Sorry, I meant that you replaced the proclear. What pump does the mini come with, all I can find is that its a "needle-wheel" pump.
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Its just a rio 800 pump.

I read somewhere that it was a Sedra 1000. It doesn't say anywhere on the pump.

I've got the Mini on my 75 and really like it, it should do great on your cube!
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OH MAN. We just got one two weeks ago and had to pay 149 bucks for it. I guess I got ripped.

You paid $150 for the mini? Where did you buy it from?
Wow, he got hosed, although I did hear that ASM was going to enact a minimum price scheme on their skimmers.

FWIW, I paid $99 for mine the middle od Feb.
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You paid $150 for the mini? Where did you buy it from?
I don't know about a "mini" but it says "Pro Clear aquatic systems" on it and I got it at Coral Reef.:mad: