1000 Watt sunlight supply Maximizer systerm


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Ok, I added the 1000 what Maximizer system over the weekend. I purchased the smaller Corallife 20K bulb. Finally I'm getting proper water penetration, I would say that the brightness is the same as a 400w 10K with double intensity. My tank is 2.5 '' deep and my corals are at the halfway point in the tank. What is funny compared to my 4 month old 400 W Radiums, the Radiums look yellow. And the Coralife is a crisp white with a blue tint. Not as blue as a new radium running hqi . I'll let it run for a couple weeks to a month. But I think I'll be upgrading all my lights soon.
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Some ask me a few questions, so I wanted to share my answer with everyone else. I'm not going to post the question because he PM me.

Sorry no Picts, I don't take very good photo's, I've given up.

I've been fighting with lighting for years, and I finally think I can be happy, with my current choice.

this I just my opinion, so please investigate other sources.

If your getting a 8 foot tank I would suggest either 8 400 W Halides depending on how may openings you get on your tank ( maybe a mixture of Radiums and 10K's ) but If you go with 1000's it gets complicated. I'm using a hydroponics ballast, it's still made by sunlight supply it has a reflector with a white back round, the reflector they sell for aquariums is the aluminum. (but reflectors is a entirely different issue, I don't even know where to start.).

I'm at the point were I'm tired of mixing bulbs to get the perfect color. I just want to use one bulb.

1. The most optimal setup for the 1000's is the European ballast that run 220 v which is in the $350 range and are designed to run the European lamps (10k or Radiums). you should get a year out of the bulbs but the ushio will have the longest bulb life. then you have cost, the Radiums will cost you $210+ and the usihio can be $250's. and the reflector is about $150. From what I understand the European ballast is 60% brighter then the standard ballast.

2. second choice is a pulse start ballast, the ballast is about $100-$150 cheaper than the European ballast. but it will allow you to run the European bulbs, but not as efficient you may get shorter life from the bulbs (8 months or so).

3. You have the standard ballast that's the ballast the I'm running. this will only run the American bulbs, and you don't have many options. you have the sunmaster bulb, which is a 6.5K :) ( but looks much better than a Iwaski)most people say it looks like a 8k bulb with at least a third additional life span than other bulbs. Coralife make a special bulb that is smaller the the standard bulb, it to fit in the hydroponics ballast. it also has a 110\220 V switch which is nice, I don't think the other ballast has that, ( I'm sure the European ballast doesn't). the sunmaster bulb is about $80 and the Coralife is about $140 ( the only place that seems to have the smaller bulb is Champion lighting, no one else has a clue. I got that info from JPMagyar. you should get a year out of the Coralife. It's only been three days, but I'm really happy with the Coralife and the maximer system. if you run run the European ballast with 3 1000's expect to put in a 30amp circuit. I think a 20amp would be ok for the other two ballast.

again, the 1000 isn't as bright as I thought it would be, the bulb doesn't seem to run any hotter then the 400, but the European ballast may be a lot of light for a tank under 28'' in height, unless you just raise the lights higher.. I have my lights about 12'' off the water, the same height as the 400's. So I don't think I going to have any additional heat issues I would say that 12'' of the water will give you a 3' spread. But the water penetration is amazing.The ballast runs warmer the a Dual 400 PFO HQI. I'll let you know I a couple weeks if the bulb spectrum changes.

Hope this helps.
I found your thread,I was looking at the maximizer supply 400 watt.How is yours holding up,heat issues coral growth etc.
So far so good. my corals are coloring up nicely, I had my 400W bulbs about 6'' of the water, I keep the 1000's about 10'' the 1000 watt ballast use 9.0 amps, and my 400 W hqi used 4.5 each, so per kilowatts it's cheaper to run my 1000 than the 400's. My 1000 w reflector is much better than my 400's, since it can reflect light on all 4 sides. Thatââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢s why I raised my lamps too; I can cover a larger light radius with the 1000. My tank is 28'' deep plus I have a 4'' sand bed all my frags that I placed on the sand has benefited from the 20k bulbs. I'll really happy with my decision. I can't even imagine what the European ballast would look like, it must be sweet.