110G set up?.


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Hi guys like i posted before am trying to get a 110, i have a list of things am getting with me like the primary things as far as filtration,wet dry+protein skimmer+phosphater reactor+nitrite filter+refugium. Is this a good set up? and as far as the phosphate reactor anyone ever used one?


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Here is my 110 setup:

Tank: 110 Starphire
Sump/Fuge: 30L (36x12x17)
Lighting: 2x250 watt metal halides (Ushio SE 10K), 2x52 watt T5 actinics
Protein Skimmer: H&S 200-1260
Calcium Reactor: Korallin C1502
Curculation: Tunze 6100

Hope that helps.
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OH yeah i have around 130 pounds of life rock but am getting this at a really good price and i figured the extra filtration couldnt really hurt.


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Just use it as a sump if it is like that. Ditch any media or bio balls that it has.

agree, in the long run it would do more harm then good for your system...