125g, 65g, and a 150g round tank For Sale.


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I was going to use these until I got my 500g tank then I was going to use them as my sump and fuge but I'm low on cash and I got bills to pay so I'm selling all my extra tanks laying around. (will add pictures and sizes later)

I've got a 125 gallon All Glass Aquarium Reef Ready tank for sale for $200. It's got some minor scratches on the front glass that I'm sure could be buffed right out and it comes with a black metal stand.

Next up is a 65 gallon tall tank- not reef ready- painted blue background.

Last is a 150 gallon round circular tank that I got in a trade a while back; I was going to use it as a jellyfish tank or a frag tank because it's pretty short but circumstances won't allow me to use this right now. Some specs on this is that it's got an overflow in the middle, a really large pump for flow and a built in chiller. It also seems to have its own outlet on the inside to plug in additional items and they all run through 1 central plug. This was not cheap for me but I'm just looking to get around what it was worth in trade/money value, so around $700 for it.


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underneath the 150g


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I'm also selling a 28 hex (non drilled) and a RR 72 Bowfront with a custom metal stand and canopy.


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What is the diameter, tank hieght and over all height of the 150?
That's a pretty cool tank!