150 w HQI Halide vs 120w LED


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Two things.
First,Regarding intensity, a 120watt LED fixture would range somewhere between a 250 to 400 watt metal halide. That is a broad comparison with a lot of variables though.
Second, Regardless of reviews, I would definitely not recommend an LED fixture like this which sells for so cheap. The rule of thumb "You get what you pay for" seems very appropriate when it comes to LED aquarium lighting. In addition, this unit does not appear to have any dimming capabilities which is an absolute must for LED fixtures, seeing as how many corals are sensitive to LED intensity.


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Alright thanks, ill keep that in mind when ever I decide to switch to LED. Would you mind directing me to a good LED website to see what I will be looking at for the future?


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Radions and Aqua Illumination are top end from what I've heard, you also have some crazy expensive types like Vertex Illumina which I would sell a kidney for


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Def need a dimmer. Cheap is not always bad but it is more than not. I have a cheap evergrow D120 on my 24 gal frag tank. It's 120 watts running at about 40%. So prob 55-60 watts (that's a guess).i came from a 150 watt viper clip on 150 and I have the same if not better growth with the LED. Whatever you decide to get If choosing LED try to get something other than the blue/white only fixtures. They work but if you notice all the major manufacturers are going with different color LEDS plus the standard blue/white and seem to be having better results. FWIW I paid $175 for my unit w/custom color LEDs. If you are thinking of going with chinese LEDS check out the "Chinese LED" thread on RC it's huge so start at the end for the most recent info and spectrums.

If I had the money I would have to say I would get the maxspect unit. The new vega is nice too. And the radion need not even be discussed due to the succcess most are having and all the features with it it's a no brainer , but also pricey. LED's are developing so fast that whatever you get will be due for an upgrade in prob less than a year LOL. Mine works and is cheap and I love it. To each his own but I'm happy with my LED's from price point to performance and will be using LED's for my future builds.. But that being said you can't really go wrong with MH it's tried and tested and works great. The bill will be prob not really noticeable that much. But if you need to run a chiller it will be. Sorry for the rant LOL.


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You would barely notice a 150 watt halide, maybe $4.00 tops on the typical electric bill. I 100% disagree with the above on 120 watts of LEDs equalling 250 or even 400 watts of halides. A lot of improtant info is missing there. A 400 watt halide in a large reflector anc easily cover a 3' by 3 foot area with bright light....good luck with 120 watts of LEDs doing that. The Radion, even the newest one coming out are WAY overpriced.

IMO, I would stick with the 150 watt halide. The electric savings are simply non existent on your case. The bulbs costs of %40-$70 once a year are nothing compared to a quality LED fixture that will be obsoloet in 2 years.


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I went from a 250w halide (14k phoenix with icecap ballast) to 120w of DIY led. (12x10w hybrid(blue&white on one emitter) LEDs) and the 120w LEDs are just slightly dimmer, by my eyes perception than the halide, but I love the leds color.