2 part Calcium buffers, which one?


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My new 180g is up and running, 180lbs LR and the purple coraline on the LR is, well kind of gray and has not gotten brighter or spread. It maybe washed out by the 3x250 HQI, but probably because I haven't added any chemicals.

Salt is IO w/ Kent RODI 4-Stage Hi-S
Salinity 1.025 (Refractomer)
PH 8.2 (Salifert)
Amon 0 (Salifert)
Nitrites 0 (Salifert)
Temp 79F

Tomorrow I'm picking up test kits for Calcium and Alk.
Are the Salifert kits good for Calcium and Alk?

I'm also thinking about picking up Purple-Up to get the Coraline growing. Would this be ok for the begnining? (no corals or fish yet).

On the 2-part calcium, which do most of the experienced people use?

Warner Marine CALXMAX

Would I need to add Kalkasser also?

Would I use the 2-part than adjust the calcium w/ Kalkwasser?
Would the Calcium test tell me?

Sorry, I'm new to the chemistry thing. Last tank was FO 20 years ago. Alot has improved.



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Salifer is a really good test kit. As for the two part I use randys home made recipe #1. It works as good as anything. You dont need Purple up. Proper ca and alk will give you all the coraline algae you Want.