2 part solution dosing: Needs more ALK than CA


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I've been noticing that if I dose in equal parts of Randy's 2 part solution ALK and CA that the CA is always a lot higher than the ALK. It seems that as though my tank requires much as ALK than it does CA. Am I doing something wrong as I read that I should always dose in equal parts?


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If the solutions were mixed up properly, generally, the same volume should be dosed. Most tanks eventually drift a bit, and dosing just one part or unequal amounts is fine if the measurements indicate it's needed.


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Yeah, I have been dosing for about 6months now... Bert is right.. (He always is)

But anyway, I am dosing more ALK than CAL also. About 1/3 more on a daily average. Don't worry about it. It happens....


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have u checked ur magnesium level as well... ive noticed myself once magnesium is at a higher level 1350 or above (i keep mine close to 1500, alk and cal stay level. i dose the same amounts with a dosing pump...