2 ?'s bout Clams


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I bought this clam for 32 bucks yesterday I want to know a couple things. What type of clam is this? Does he look healthy? I am getting MH soon enough.
It's a Crocea clam, you need to upgrade your lighting as soon as possible since Crocea's love he intense light.
i agree with PR on both. nice crocea and yes on halides asap. also what color is the clam viewed from the top?
It is purple like you can see but the middle inside is like a green metalic. Yes, I am working on the metal halides. Thanks I only paid 32 bucks for this guy, think it was worth it, also he is about 3.5" diameter.
32$$ for a Crocea? Where did U get it from? How big is it?
Man, I can't see any of the LFS round here selling them
below 90$$ for one.

Yeah, I throw in the vote for MH asap!