30 cube with custom sump fs


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My living situation has become a bit uncertain in the next month or so so im considering breaking down the tank and worrying about more important stuff in life like looking for a new place to live and stuff like that. I may start a much smaller nano around 5-8 gallons to keep some of my favorite pieces but other than that it will all be sold.

Im not exactly sure what a fair asking price is, I know i have a ton invested in it with the custom sump and stuff like that.

I am hoping to get around 1100 for everything minus a few corals.

I will consider a partial trade for a nice nano tank around 5-8 gallons.

Here is a link to my tank thread

let me know if you think the price is too high or whatever and ill see what i can do about making it more fair


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hey slo, sorry to hear about your situation. your tank has given me some inspiration for mine. If you end up parting out, i'd be interested in some of the stuff.



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Just movin on to bigger better things, best of luck to your soon to be new future:thumbsup:

If you get to that point though, Id love the opportunity to help you and some of your lps out.



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eric, how tall is that skimmer? my rs5-3 is just a smidge too tall for my stand-- i'd be interested in trading mine for yours or whatever--lmk! :)


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hey everyone ill more than likely be parting it out so make me offers on anything you want via pm, Ill take some newer shots and list prices for livestock when i get a chance