400 g stocking


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Last week I bought a 400 g it is 180-100-90 cm

I plan to add some of the fish of the 100 g tank (the 100 g will be used as QT)


In it for sure:
3 Echidna nebulosa (snowflake eels)
4 Acreichthys tomentosus
2 Canthigatser valentini (toby)
4 Centropyge bicolor

Then I would like to add 1 or 2 of these Chaetodon species

Now the question:
I would like to add 3-4 Pterois radiata or antennata will this work?

I' m afraid the valentini could harras the Pterois.
As the snowflake eels are rather aggressive feeders (even I feed them exclusively with pliers) I' m afraid the Pterois would have some problems.
I remember I reading somewhere chaetodon species could be a bit aggressive towards pterois species, is this true?


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good luck. i have triggers-clown,queen,3 nigers,picasso,7 inch hippo,imperator angel,queen angel,harlequein tusk,red goby,24 inch snowflake,18 inch green wolf.thats in a 300 and nobody else survives when introduced not even a 6 inch titan,he lasted not 24 hrs till the 3 inch hermits had lunch.my snowflake eel eats 6 inch koi from the local pet store.


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I emptied my Mediterrean tank and put it outside next to my North sea tank.

Rounded up all dry rock I had lying around.

Just was cutting the glass for the internal sump and unfortunately cut myself rather nasty so could' t make the last cut! Argh!!

I plan on making the decoration with foam, aragocrete and ex-live rock, fill the tank with water, add some live rock from existing systems, some new live rock, caulerpa and wait for at least 3 months before adding even 1 fish.


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I kept a SFE for 15 years, and in that time it killed and/or ate several tankmates, including a Canthagaster sp. puffer, which it snatched right out of the water column and pulled into its lair. The puffer inflated, was spat out, but died as a result of its wounds.

Once SFE's get some size on them, they can be pretty aggressive...just letting you know.

As for the lions, I can't say I've ever heard of BF's actually being aggressive to them, altho if you have a sedentary lion, the BF may attempt to browse on it thinking it's part of the rockwork. However, in a tank that size, IME, there most likely won't be a lot of "perching" since there is plenty of swimming room for the lion.

P. antennata has a pretty large mouth for its size, so you'll want to be mindful of "size differential" in terms of tankmates. In fact, you may want to consider P. mombassae as they look very similar (they are often mistaken for antennata), but have smaller mouths.

To be honest, in that setup, maybe you want to go with a mombassae, an antennata, and a raidata instead of the same species x3. All of the medium-bodied lions represented would be a nice display.

my snowflake eel eats 6 inch koi from the local pet store.

Unfortunately, that's about the worst diet you could be feeding your fish. Feeding preds with fish from the carp family makes them Thiamine deficient which typically leads to CNS disorders. Additionally, their flesh contains the wrong fatty acids for SW fish. For a SFE, live fiddler crabs would be a much better food, but it's best to vary their diet with different SW fish flesh, shellfish, etc.


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My SFE are 50 cm right now I have them trained to eat from forceps.

I feed mine shore crab, shrimp, bivalves and squid, they really like squid!

I' ve not seen the mombassae in our shops, maybe would have to order them.

The canthigaster would better stay in the reef...

I plan on adding the C bicolor, the butterflies and the tomentosus first, than the eels and the lion fish last.


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Progress is slow as I have to finish some extra rooms for the kids.

But here is where the tank is at.

I still need to glue the sump/cave to the interior of the tank. thats why there is a table under it.