55g Stocking


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Would like some input on my potential stock for a 55g reef. I will have around 50lbs LR and a 2-3" LS bed. Will not have a sump in the beginning but will probably add one later. I will also have an octopus skimmer HOB. And weekly water changes.
My wishlist is:

1 Lawnmower blenny
1 Watchman goby
2 ocellaris clowns
3-5 chromis (probably just 3 but would 5 be alright?)
1 sixline wrasse
1 cardinal
2 pistol or peppermint shrimp (Which one?)
1 blue and pink sea star
1 Flame scallop (if possible)
1 emerald crab
and some snails as well

What do you guys think? Will this list work, if not then what should I substitute or leave out and why? I think most of the fish would be alright, but I am curious about the inverts and their compatibility and usefulness. Also, if I have peppermint shrimp would they form a relationship with the goby? Should I get two gobies, one for each shrimp?

Thanks for the help!


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i'd let go of the chromis and youre fish list looks good. you want a pistol shrimp to pair up with your goby. you can have 2 gobies and a fish, but i think that one of the shrimp would be left out if you had it the other way. sea stars if youre talking about the linkia species are very difficult to keep. a few peppermint shrimp is a good choice as is the fire shrimp or candy striped shrimp. the emerald crab is also a good choice. flame scallops are also a very difficult species and dont live long ime.


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Thanks cubsFAN!

Why do you suggest I leave the chromis out? Not compatible or too much bio load for my filtration? I know stars and scallops are difficult, but I have a LFS that keeps them very successfully for periods of time and they have offered to help with care suggestions. I am more worried about compatibility and bio load than care requirements. I have never had any of these fish before so I am inexperienced with them and would like some more advice from experienced hobbiest as to what I can expect with this list. As far as the shrimp situation how should i go about it? I would really love the pistol shrimp and goby relationship because I enjoy natural behavior in the tank, and find the more natural a tank is the less stressed my livestock are. Would I be able to have a pistol shrimp as well as a peppermint or fire shrimp, or are these not compatible. Or should I get two pistols and just leave one without a goby to pair with, would this cause conflict? Thanks for the help.


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I agree with cobsfan about the chromis. They are very cool fish but in a tank your size they tend to kill each other off. If you buy a group of 5 you will likely end up with only one.