6060 too much for a 50g (36x18x19)??

SPS and at least 2mm grain size aragonite and it is feasible. Otherwise it will make a mess and be too much flow. I would look at a 7210/2 or a 6000. The 7210/2 has a 1" outlet and a pulsing flow between 150 and 600gph. The 6000 is a Stream but it is Electronic and you will be able to turn it down if it is too much. A 6010 is a 6000 with the Single Controller which enables the pulsing action between 600 and 1850gph.
Premium, Marine Depot and Champion- but limited quantities. I am leaving for Germany Monday and we hopefully will get some of the production and delivery issues worked out.
Re: 6060 too much for a 50g (36x18x19)??

2hi4u2c said:
I was wondering if one 6060 would cause a mess in my soon to be set up 50g??

Roger, I have a 60x18x20. Would a 6060 be too much for that size of tank?
Welcome back Roger! Any input on use of a 6060 in a 5" tank would be appreciated. It has a 4" bed, mostly SPS, moderate amount of rock (see link below). Thanks!

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I take it you mean a 5' tank. It should be fine, flow drops substantially after 4ft so I don't see much flow bouncing off the other side and stirring up sand. I think you will be fine. I sent out a lot of 6060's today and I belive thatboth Preuss Animal House in Mi and Goochs Corals in Green Bay Wisconsin have them- it might be easier to check them out locally. Also, I think both shops have some Stream in use. You also aren't far from Premium Aquatics.
Yes, 5 foot! Been a long day! Thanks for the info Roger. Preuss is about 60 to 90 minutes by car. Premium has been just great to work with over the last few years. 100% satisfaction... I'll see if they have any in stock. Thanks!!
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I have a 6060 and yes, the flow drops substantially after 4' so you should have no problems with a 5' tank. I was kinda hoping the 6060 would reach about 6' since that's what my Gemini reaches and the 6060 has twice the flow but it's more spread out than the Gemini's which is a jet stream.